Location targeting is just what it sounds like – targeting users in certain locations that align with advertising goals. For PPC, how they’re targeted is dependent on how users are searching for the product or service. That said, there are essentially two ways to do location targeting. The first is through the campaign location settings and the other is through geo-appended keywords.

Location Settings

The first way of doing location targeting, is through adjusting the location setting in the campaign settings on your AdWords campaign. Location settings ensures that your ads  are showing only to customers in a selected geographic location.

To set up location settings, go into the campaign, go to the setting tab, then edit locations. Set the desired locations here.


Geo-Appended Keywords

The second way of doing location targeting is through geo-appended keywords. With this method, we’ll do keyword research to find every iteration of the location(s) we’re interested in, then either doing a find and replace to replace the location with the other locations we’re interested in going after, or setting up excel formulas to auto-populate the campaign keywords.

So you’re keyword lists may look something like this:

  • flower delivery charlotte nc
  • +flowers +charlotte +nc
  • florists in charlotte nc
  • flowershops in charlotte nc
  • flower shops in charlotte nc
  • florists charlotte nc
  • etc.