Many people don’t realize this but campaign setting are one of the most crucial elements of an online ad campaign. While each platform has their own settings options, Google AdWords is probably the most robust and offers the most control. The concepts here are the same as every platform. For example, having an accelerated delivery in AdWords, like it does on Facebook ads, will allow you a greater control over your budget than having standard delivery. This post touches on that below and a few more of the campaign settings options in AdWords.


Include Search Partners

Including search partners opens your ads to be shown across the entire google network along with their search partners. The performance of the search partners varies by client. It is better to begin with running them on the search partners in order to test performance.

To View Search Partner Performance

  1. Go to the account
  2. Select Segment > Network (with Search Partners)

Enhanced CPC

Generally, we disable enhanced CPC because it doesn’t allow for control, but it could be worth testing. After you’ve experimented with manual bidding for a time, test performance by turning it on.


Ad Rotation

There are 4 options. 2 of them give Google control over the ads, while the other two give the analyst more control. Choose one of the four that makes most sense based for campaign volume and desired control over the campaign.

For maximum control select ‘Rotate Indefinitely; show lower performing ads more evenly with higher perfroming ads, and do not optimize’. This option does not optimize the ads, instead manual ad copy rotation will have to be done based split test results.

This option is recommended for campaigns with low volume because by choosing the other options, Google may conclude a split test prior to there being significant data to make a solid conclusion.

For higher volume accounts and accounts with many campaigns, choosing ‘Rotate Evenly for 90 days, then Optimize’ makes the most sense because you’ll not want to be doing manual ad rotation across the entire account.


Delivery Method

Accelerated allows for the greatest control over ad spend. This setting select ads to show for every possible search query. which has two outcomes:

  1. It will provide the account with the greatest volume.
  2. The analyst will know when the budget is burning, so they can modify bids and/or budget accordingly.


Vs. Standard Delivery, you’re basically letting google select when to show your ads. This setting allows for very little control over your spend.