Our agency’s culture is best illustrated by our name. When naming our agency, we felt it was important to choose an identity that best represented our values and our work in a genuine, distinctive yet playful manner.


Pantelope (pan·ta·loupe) is named after the pronghorn antelope, the third fastest animal on the plant and the fastest native to North America, which has no natural predators due to its speed and agility. It is our belief that in business, and in life more broadly, we all have a lot to learn from the pronghorn antelope. We believe that your company’s success is not determined by its size or even its budget, but rather its ability to move quickly. In essence, faster tests and faster optimizations leads to faster and greater growth.


We believe that in business it’s no longer the big that catch the small, but rather the fast that beat the slow. In our experience, we’ve seen great ideas get stalled out due to sluggishness, bureaucracy and unsubstantiated assumptions. However, organizations can succeed in a different way, with a more nimble and innovative approach. Thanks to the real-time management capabilities and full transparency of digital marketing, quick tests and shorter marketing feedback loops are essential to your success. Customers and competitors move more quickly than ever before, and your marketing strategy must adapt. Your company must move as fast as the pronghorn antelope.


This is a belief that guides everything we do at Pantelope. It’s why we believe in moving fast and test continuously along the way. We keep things straightforward, but nimble; we avoid jargon and talking points, and we report honestly on what your business needs to thrive.
We know that not every market tactic is going to succeed, and not every week can show gains from the week before. And we don’t try to hide from that reality. We use radical candor to report on what’s working but most importantly what’s not working and why, and how we can learn and grow your business with those learnings. We’re transparent and honest in our insights & analysis – we’ll find the issues, address them head on, because it’s the only way we’ll learn quickly to drive growth.


At Pantelope, we’re proud of our name. To us, it represents a culture of honesty, transparency, trust, accountability, and tireless execution.