Google Shopping Actions was introduced last year and it is generating a lot of buzz. But what is it exactly? Is it pay-per-click or paid search? It’s neither one. Google Shopping Actions is a marketplace that allows retailers to list their products in key spots across multiple Google platforms including Google Search, Google Express mobile app, Google Assistant, and Google Home devices (which operate via voice assistant).

Google Shopping Actions is a pay-per-sale model. Merchants that opt-in to the program will pay Google a percentage of each sale in exchange for the listing. As you can see in the example below, the Google Shopping Actions ad listings are denoted by a colorful parachute that says “Express.”

Google Shopping Actions has addressed certain pain points, such as creating a universal shopping cart that works across all Google platforms, whether you are on mobile, desktop or even verbally giving an order on Google Home. Furthermore, the instant checkout process and saved credit card information makes the shopping transaction pain free. Retailers can rejoice because fewer clicks generally leads to a higher conversion rate.

As one of Google’s few approved Shopping Actions partners, we’ve been testing out Google Shopping Actions for hundreds of online retailers over the last few months. Just this week, Search Engine Land published a case study on Google Shopping Actions, which includes real performance data from a retailer that was eager to try the new marketplace.

One of the key takeaways is that by utilizing Google Shopping Actions with Google Shopping, you can maximize your total sales. We saw a single retailer who more than doubled their revenue after using both.

Over the last few months we’ve been testing Google Shopping Actions with hundreds of clients and have seen over 10,000 orders and over $500,000+ in revenue!

Google Shopping Actions has made quite an impact and has proven to be a marketplace that retailers find worth investing in. For a more information check out our comprehensive guide to Google Shopping Actions.