Conversion Optimization

Turn Clicks Into Customers & Maximize ROI.

Conversion rate optimization is a powerful but misunderstand strategy – it creates a system that helps you find out what’s truly driving sales for your business, and how you can improve you the ROI of your online ad campaigns.

Digital marketing offers a level of data transparency that traditional marketing doesn’t have, yet most companies are spending thousands of dollars in advertising every month and have no clear understanding of what’s working and what’s not.

At Pantelope, we use CRO to test, validate and accelerate your online growth. We use data-driven testing to drive fast growth and gain important business insights along the way.

It’s essential to test every marketing attribute that may impact the customer sales journey: PPC ad copy, creative web design, banner ads, landing pages, value propositions, ad offers, email templates, calls to action and credibility factors. By split testing each of these elements, we can identify what’s truly driving sales. From there, we can cut out any waste and optimize for revenue and ROI.

Digital advertising offers a level of real-time data that can drive quick, iterative optimizations for faster growth. We help you take advantage of it. 



  • A/B split testing to verify which campaigns and creative assets perform best
  • Landing page optimization
  • New ad copy, banner ads, value propositions, calls to actions
  • New conversion factors such as trust icons, risk reversals and emotional appeal
  • Sales correlation analysis
  • Custom excel reporting
  • Online to offline attribution modeling



  • Better user experience
  • Better website engagement across time on site, bounce rate, repeat sessions
  • Increased conversion rates
  • More sales and better ROI
  • Data-driven business insights into performance of your brand

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