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Your products and services should speak for themselves but it never hurts to get your voice out there. Pantelope is a leading company that can act as your e-commerce agency or order to drive more business through tactical marketing. We'll walk you through the process and cover your bass when it comes to e-commerce marketing via your online presence. Our e-commerce marketing agency can handle any type of products, from homemade goods to big box store merchandise.

We operate through the PPC (pay-per-click) model for online marketing. This also applies to SEO (search engine optimization) which uses your online presence to market your business. Our e-commerce marketing agency will develop campaigns with AdWords and Bing to produce effective keywords for search engines and text-based ads.

The right e-commerce agency will require one main important thing from you: a goal for your business. Pantelope will audit your current marketing success and inefficiencies in order to launch the perfect campaign. By choosing Pantelope as your e-commerce marketing agency, you can breathe easy knowing your business is in good hands. We will continue to monitor and test your campaigns and make adjustments as needed. Our e-commerce agency can also manage your budget for more profit.

Our e-commerce agency may also access your businesses social media to enhance your reputation. By creating listings and live events, you can communicate with your potential consumers.

We want your business to stand out among your competition. Our goal is to raise your ranking on search engines so customers can find you with a few clicks of the mouse. Our e-commerce agency manages millions of dollars from accounts all over, and we want to help you bring in more revenue. Our goal is to make your business more visible to viewers and give you the option to control your campaigns. Our e-commerce marketing agency works with resources such as AdWords which allows you to make changes where you see fit.

Pantelope is an e-commerce agency with your needs in mind. Managing a business takes time and effort, and our e-commerce marketing agency can handle the SEM (search engine market) for you. We hope our guide to e-commerce agency techniques shed some light on the tactics and look forward to hearing from you for a consultation today!

Pantelope is an extremely honest and transparent PPC agency. They manage our paid search, SEO, social media and email campaign. They drive real growth and we couldn’t do it without them!

Chau Jessup, CA Souls
Chau Jessup, CA Souls


  • Audit your current SEM Agency accounts in AdWords and Bing
  • Roadmap for increased growth and better CPA
  • Keyword research
  • Create text ad campaigns to provide complete coverage of your products
  • Campaign / ad group structural optimization
  • Ad copy testing and optimization
  • Ad extension review and implementation
  • Remarketing campaign and customer audience segmentation
  • SEM bid-management optimization
  • Budget management


  • Better visibility and control into how your AdWords/Bing dollars are being spent
  • Increased conversions, sales and growth
  • Higher AdWords Quality Score
  • Lower cost per lead and cost per acquisition
  • Eliminated wasted spend and inefficiencies
  • Better budget allocation according to business neeeds
  • Better insights from your PPC company into how SEM contributes to business’ overall success