E-Commerce Marketing

Maximize Revenue & ROI on Every Retail Channel that Matters.

If you deliver a great product, we’ll bring you the customers. 

It seems simple, but it’s not. Most online retailers struggle with building an online acquisition strategy that works for them. That’s because a profitable e-commerce marketing strategy requires a sophisticated blend of data architecture, technical implementation, creative content, and data-driven bid management. At Pantelope, we’ve helped e-commerce brands large and small build, optimize and scale their revenue across all relevant channels.

The lifeblood of your e-commerce strategy is your product data. Often, you’ll get product data in your webstore CMS that’s incomplete, inaccurate and messy – missing product titles, empty product descriptions or outdated inventory are just a few of the many hundreds of data issues plaguing most retails. When you pass inaccurate product data to your comparison shopping channels like Google Shopping or Amazon, you’re effectively feeding those channels junk food and expecting them to convert that into lean, mean sales machines.

At Pantelope, we have a dedicated data feed management team that uses proprietary technology to optimize all of your product data so that it’s cleaned and friendly for each shopping channel we submit it to, and then we automate the inventory process so that everyday new inventory is being automatically passed through to each shopping engine and marketplace.

Once we’ve optimized your product data feed process, we’ll create a revenue and ROI-bid management strategy that focuses on driving results for each product on your site.

Our team will utilize budget allocation to drive targeted traffic and spend to the most profitable campaigns, SKUs and audience segments. We’ll use programmatic bidding and budget pacing techniques to identify and optimize to the most valuable keywords and ad sets. We have a proven and method to isolate your top performing products, push spend their to drive return and eliminate any waste elsewhere.

Building a profitable e-commerce business is about more than just data feeds and traffic sources. Remember – more than 80% of all e-commerce consumers abandon a shopping cart.  That’s why we help you understand the customer’s sales journey, where you’re losing your potential customers, and find powerful ways to remarket to your customers extend and expand the lifetime customer value.

Altogether, we offer a comprehensive approach to online retail that’s proven to drive meaningful results for a range of clients.



  • Data feed optimization
  • Retail channel management across Google Shopping, Amazon, Bing Shopping, Facebook, eBay and all relevant marketplaces and shopping engines
  • PPC advertising and Paid Shopping campaign management
  • Paid social advertising
  • Content marketing
  • Remarketing campaigns with dynamic product ads and email campaigns
  • Marketing automation and cart abandonment recovery
  • Sales correlation analysis, reporting and optimization


  • Product data consistency and updated inventory management
  • Better product visibility on shopping engines and marketplaces
  • More qualified traffic to products
  • More sales, revenue and higher ROI
  • Data-driven business insights into performance of your brand

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