Email Marketing

Smarter Emails Extend the Customer Buying Cycle.

Email marketing is not just about sending one-size fits all newsletter updates to your customers. When designed and executed for performance, email marketing produces the highest returns of any online acquisition channel.

At Pantelope, we understand the role email can play in your customers’ sales journey – that’s why we help you create smarter email marketing campaigns that optimize subscriptions and extends the customer buying cycle. All of which strengthens the bottom of your conversion funnel, and increases repeat site visitors, higher conversion rates, more referrals and upsells, and a higher lifetime customer value.

Email marketing can do a lot more than send email blasts once or twice a month. When coupled with intelligent conversion opt-ins and automated triggered paths, you can score and segment your list based on where each customer resides in their sales journey – and from there, you can craft precise messaging, value propositions and calls to action that feel as though you crafted each email for that very person.

We’ll also manage and optimize monthly newsletters, marketing automation, recently purchased autoresponders, event reminders, seasonal and promotional emails, remarketing and referral programs.

The end result is a stronger sales process for every type of customer you have. Higher conversion rates, increases sales, increased repeat customers and stronger customer loyalty –¬† and better ROI for all your ‘top of funnel’ traffic generation channels.


  • List scoring
  • Customer audience segmentation
  • Conversion opt-in design and subscription form setup
  • Email content creation
  • Email design
  • Automated triggers and paths setup


  • Stronger conversion funnel
  • More website traffic and social media engagement
  • More conversions and higher conversion rate
  • More sales and higher ROI
  • Greater customer loyalty and community management
  • Greater insights into brand positioning, customer messaging and sales journey

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