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Google Shopping is a terrific resource when you want your product listing ads to hit the market. eCommerce store owners can gain revenue and traffic through a Google shopping agency that lets your clients browse and shop freely without any pressure.

Pantelope can help eCommerce businesses with Google shopping ads to direct traffic to your online retailer. Our connection with social media and search engines can lead your business to success through any local Google shopping agency and product listing ads. Confused? We have the answers for you included in the following simple guide. Pantelope only requires your ultimate business goals in order to set your plan in progress. We then assess your success with product listing ads, Google shopping ads, And Google shopping agency at once. We will then work to eliminate any inefficient ads and brainstorm ways to make them more presentable.

Google and other search engines are usually the first place consumers turn to when they want reviews and recommendations. eCommerce business owners can trust on platforms such as Google shopping ads to draw in business. Pantelope will create campaigns with significant keywords in order to fulfill our SEO (search engine optimization) fulfillment. Our company will examine your existing product listing ads and make some changes in order to please the audience of a Google shopping agency.

Pantelope works with your existing product listing ads and Google shooing ads to see what works for you and what needs to be improved. Many consumers turn to resources such as a Google shopping agency before buying a product and we at Pantelope know how to lead them to your website. We will budget your expenses and Google shopping agency costs to make the best of your business. Google shopping ads are ranked on the market by their popularity and attraction to consumers.

We are dedicated to helping any eCommerce platform, big or small, through Google shopping ads. Google shopping ads can transpire through segments and thrive above the competitors. With proper product listing ads, your company can utilize our help and Google shopping agency services to the best of your ability. Goggle shopping ads may act as bids in order for consumers to find the best price for their desired goods. In addition, product listing ads let potential customers find Google shopping ads to drive revenue to your business.

Pantelope is an extremely honest and transparent PPC agency. They manage our paid search, SEO, social media and email campaign. They drive real growth and we couldn’t do it without them!

Chau Jessup, CA Souls
Chau Jessup, CA Souls


  • Audit your current SEO footprint
  • Roadmap for increased rankings, traffic and sales
  • Keyword research
  • Onsite audit and optimizations
  • Technical SEO audit and optimizations
  • Content development and content discovery for new traffic opportunities Internal linking structure
  • Organic link building strategies
  • Manual outreach to social influences and relevant bloggers to promote, share and link to your content
  • Ranking reports
  • Traffic performance reports


  • Expert insights from your content marketing agency
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Increased social media following and social shares
  • More traffic, conversions and revenue
  • Better business insights into ROI of content and organic promotion