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We understand why so many companies are skeptical about SEO. We’re a Los Angeles SEO company that’s been doing Search through the peaks and valleys – we’ve seen what happens to sites when they get penalized by Penguin and Panda, and why you never want that to happen to you. (None of our work even led to a penalty, though we’ve had a lot of success helping clients recover lost rankings & traffic.)Here’s the truth – SEO is as strong and viable as a marketing channel as ever. Your customers continue to rely on organic search results to find the products and service they need. And because of search intent, SEO is still the highest converting, most profitable acquisition channel out there.

And as long as your customers keep using Google and Bing organic search to make their purchasing decisions, it is imperative than you optimize your website to rank at the top of Google for your most valuable search terms. Because your customers are either going to find you or top competitors.

At Pantelope, we’ve got a long track record as an SEO agency, finding and creating white-hat, Google-compliant SEO services that drive rankings, traffic and revenue through Organic Search.Our SEO company’s methodology starts from a simple but powerful premise – SEO is built on delivering proven value to users over a long period of time. And it is a strategy that must encompass the website as a whole – from website copy, to site architecture, to your linking structure.

At Pantelope, we use a range of SEO services to position your brand as a trusted authority, and build you a digital footprint that users and the search engine crawlers will love.

Pantelope is an extremely honest and transparent PPC agency. They manage our paid search, SEO, social media and email campaign. They drive real growth and we couldn’t do it without them!

Chau Jessup, CA Souls
Chau Jessup, CA Souls


  • Audit your current SEO footprint
  • Roadmap for increased rankings, traffic and sales
  • Keyword research
  • Onsite audit and optimizations
  • Technical SEO audit and optimizations
  • Content development and content discovery for new traffic opportunities Internal linking structure
  • Organic link building strategies
  • Manual outreach to social influences and relevant bloggers to promote, share and link to your content
  • Ranking reports
  • Traffic performance reports


  • Better visibility into how your SEO company is tracking your organic search visibility
  • Increased search engine rankings, traffic and sales via SEO
  • Improved website architecture and user experience
  • Unique and relevant website content
  • More social shares, backlinks and earned assets
  • Higher domain authority
  • Better insights from your SEO agency into how organic search impacts your digital marketing success