How to Align Business Goals with Your SEO Strategy

by | February 14, 2022

Before you get started with your SEO campaign, it’s important to outline the process you will follow and the results you will incur when you adopt an SEO strategy. Strategic alignment around SEO allows you to benchmark, and set timelines around, your key performance indicators (KPIs). Over time, organic search is likely to become your most valuable marketing channel and digital marketing asset.

Companies who plan and align around the value-added processes of SEO can be rewarded immensely with strong ROI. However, if such alignment is not achieved, companies will likely fail to fully leverage their organic search potential and end up in the same position as before with no clue as to why they flopped.

Strategic alignment around SEO breeds a cycle of possibility: Optimization positively affects rankings and rankings increase visitor traffic to your site. It’s the perpetual cycle that companies should be focused on to consistently reach and improve their overall sales objectives.

Define Your Business Goals for SEO ​

Have you defined your SEO Goals? Do you know why you want to reach your target audience online? What are you hoping to gain from the interaction?

There are a multitude of reasons a company might want to show up in organic searches online. Setting up realistic goals and objectives according to what you hope to achieve from SEO is key. This step will help you identify the work needed to be done on your website, allow you to measure your progress to stay on track, and keep you within your set budget as you fulfill your business objectives.

Do the following areas fit with your goals and objectives?

  • E-Commerce Sales: buying or selling your products or services online.
  • Company Branding: incorporating a consistent look and message that is easily identifiable across various locations on the web.
  • Reputation Management: tracking the conversation happening around your product or service online, over multiple social media and conversational platforms.
  • Traffic Generation: creating opportunities for online visitors to choose your site over others, encouraging them to click and visit your site through use of multiple techniques.
  • Influential Marketing: working with an industry influencer to promote your product or service, encouraging their fan base to purchase from your business over other businesses.
  • Lead Acquisition: acquiring leads online through solicitation of visitors across multiple lead generation sources.

How to Choose the Right SEO Agency ​

Have you thought about selecting an SEO agency of record as a partner for your digital marketing efforts? The right SEO agency adds value to your business that can be seen almost right away. In researching SEO, you will notice that many agencies claim to be masters of all. It’s important to research credentials and check customer reviews.

Q: Do they have an expert grasp and seamless approach to onboarding?

Q: Can they clearly map out what they will achieve for your business?

Q: Do they understand your goals, objectives, and pain points of online marketing?

Q: Do they customize their online SEO plans for you or do they offer a rinse and repeat approach?

Be ready to select an agency that fits your needs and personality best by first understanding what your needs and pain points are.

The right SEO agency:

lives and breathes their trade.

is extremely creative in their approach.

has data-driven tools to measure and track results.

is easily accessible and communicative.

is extremely detail-driven.

will obsess over your every SEO move as an online brand.

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