Digital Strategy

Always, Always Have A Plan.

We at Pantelope take marketing to a whole new level by encompassing strategy among all avenues. Because when all the pieces work together, there is synergy.

First off, branding must be consistent, that way your audience is consistent. Second, the audience must be identified. What kind of people typically buy your product? Demographic data from Facebook can be used to figure this out. Where do these kind of people live? Beverly Hills, or Downtown Los Angeles? Hello Google.

Now that you have these pieces, you can feed that into other channels. Segmentation on email can be used to target the audience that actually buys, and you could have figured that out on Facebook. Perhaps messaging is doing better on one channel, and it must tweaked in another.

There can be a lot of feedback on the wholistic level, let alone the individual level. And this insight can feed business strategy, and it can increase ROI across the board. But before any of this can happen, you need to know what to look for, and you must position those channels to deliver the insights you need.

Some channels might work, others might not. You don’t want to scatter all your resources when you can build the right channels for today, and then all the right channels for tomorrow.

If you want to build a machine, let us do it for you.

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