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PPC. What So Few Get Right.

Lots of people played sports in college, but so few of them make it to pro. Lots of people do PPC, but so few understand what it takes to make it work, in the best possible way it can.

There are so many variables that even the average PPC agency struggles to deliver. They are usually on a multi-year contract, after all, and it’s easy for them to slack off when the money keeps rolling in. Just ask Proctor & Gamble, they cut $140 million in digital ad spend because many of the agencies that were hired couldn’t deliver. As even P&G realized, you can’t just throw money at something, and expect it to work.

We at Pantelope cannot stand mediocrity, since we see it all the time! We are surprised at what we see, and the agency names behind these accounts. But hey, we win business from them so that’s OK for us. What they don’t understand is that structure is very important. An account built on the wrong structure makes it that much more difficult to strategize, and optimize. And these agencies do nothing to fix their structure. No wonder they don’t see the results they desire!

What’s more, depending on your business goals, clicks could be just a secondary metric for you. You can get lots of clicks, and drive lots of traffic, but are they buying? Maybe the targeting that is wrong. Broad match keywords could also be delivering poor traffic. Poor split-tested ad-copy means the messaging could be wrong as well. Every piece of the machine is important if you want to be running full speed.

The market is also constantly evolving, are you evolving with it? Drive business insights from search data, and target people that are ready to buy. We can make PPC work for you.

We are more than just professionals. We are Pantelope.

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