Paid Search

Not All PPC Management Is Created Equal.

Lots of people played sports in high schools, but very few of them made it to pro. Similarly, lots of people claim to “do PPC”, but so few of them have mastered the channel. Even less understand what it takes to build, test, validate and scale a profitable acquisition channel in AdWords and Bing.

At Pantelope, we have experience managing millions of dollars of monthly AdWords spend – profitably. And we’ll walk you through or methodology and show you what success should look like.

First and foremost, we align our PPC strategy with your digital strategy and business goals. We dive a paid search approach geared to meet your targets for revenue, sales, leads, cost per lead and cost per acquisition. And we work backwards from there to build a custom approach that optimizes to revenue and ROI, not impressions, clicks or click through rates.

We help you cut through the nonsense and avoid vanity metrics. Depending on your business goals, some clicks and even certain conversions could be irrelevant metrics for you. If you’re paying for lots of clicks and conversions that don’t drive the ultimate metric – sales and revenue – what are we doing here? For that reason, we’ll always collaborate with you to define real metrics that track to true ROI.

Once we’ve aligned on true business metrics, we design and build your campaigns – focused heavily on visibility and control. In AdWords, we believe you need to have visibility into what’s working and what’s not, so you can see what’s driving revenue and what’s wasting money. Additionally, and just as importantly, your campaign structures must facilitate control, so you can just as easily and quickly implement changes to drive performance lift for every keyword, ad and landing page.

Once we have the best structure in place, we go to work on continuous tests and micro-optimizations. In truth, very seldom do we find any ‘silver bullets’ in AdWords – your growth is built upon ongoing changes to every element of the campaign so that we can eliminate any inefficiencies, prioritize your top performing keywords and ads, and move more and more customers through the conversion funnel. For this reason, utilizing a data-driven methodology for ongoing and consistent campaign optimization is crucial for your success.

In PPC, the market is maturing and constantly evolving. As your PPC agency, we take on the responsibility to ensure you’re evolving with the landscape – so we’re always bringing you the latest techniques best practices, to ensure you’re staying ahead of the competition.



  • Audit your current AdWords/Bing accounts
  • Roadmap for increased growth and better CPA
  • Keyword research
  • Create text ad campaigns to provide complete coverage of your products
  • Campaign / ad group structural optimization
  • Ad copy testing and optimization
  • Ad extension review and implementation
  • Remarketing campaign and customer audience segmentation
  • Bid-management optimization
  • Budget management


  • Better visibility and control into how your AdWords/Bing dollars are being spent
  • Increased conversions, sales and growth
  • Higher Quality Score
  • Lower cost per lead and cost per acquisition
  • Eliminated wasted spend and inefficiencies
  • Better budget allocation according to business neeeds
  • Better insights into how paid search contributes to business’ overall success

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