Social Media

Truly Connect, Truly Inspire.

Hip, snazzy, spiffy, neat, awesome, cool, lol! Social media is all about connecting on a cultural level with your audience. Yet sadly, this is something most businesses lack! And it’s not that they don’t want it either. It’s just such a difficult task for businesses to keep things real and relevant when there is money involved. Let’s not kid ourselves, there is a hidden motive behind the interaction, I mean, the ads are made to fit in with regular posts. But this is a missed opportunity if you can’t connect!

You see, people don’t want you to sell to them, people would rather feel special that THEY found you. To fall in love with your product, and feel identified with it; then show it off to their friends. Because that is what you do with your identity, you show it off! People proudly wear their Adidas, people proudly carry their Macs, and people proudly drink their Starbucks.

And the beautiful thing about it is that these are the most loyal type of customers. They share your posts. They defend you in the comments section (everyone has haters). These fans full-heartedly believe in your company, they understand your value, and are bastions for it.

But for this to happen you can’t be posting on autopilot; your followers can’t be paid for, and your brand must have a personality. Your content should be diverse across all your channels, otherwise they can start ignoring you. A good strategy with the right targeting is vital. You MUST know your audience, or get to know them: what they like, and who they are. Then you can use that as leverage to identify other potential customers. In this way, social media can empower your brand.

So…are you ready to connect?

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