Paid Social Ads

We’ve successfully scaled paid social ad campaigns by leveraging memorable creative & analytical audience exploration. We help you understand your customers, what motivates them to act, and how you can improve the customer journey and ROI.

High Intent Traffic Generation

Strategic Campaign Structure

Granular Audience Segmentation

Constant Creative Split Testing

Performance-Driven Optimizations

Actionable Attribution Models

Using cost and user acquisition data & intelligent audience segmentation, we can optimize ad campaigns on Facebook / Instagram Ads and other channels based on return-on-ad spend to achieve the most efficient performance. All of these social platforms are maturing paid advertising channels, which offers the opportunity to drive sales.

Because your customers are engaged with content on their social network, there’s a good chance that targeted campaigns on these platforms will prove very effective. So the key will be testing these channels and validating their performance, and shifting dollars between paid search and paid social based on which performs best.

In paid social, our opportunity to capture market share is virtually limitless, as we can push reach and frequency as much as we want. However, we’ll want to employ a ROAS-driven methodology – start with a modest budget, optimize to business performance metrics (Cost per Acquisition and top-line growth goals), test and validate the channel, and scale spend and lead generation over time.

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