Organic search is the most profitable – yet least understood – acquisition channel. We’ve helped hundreds of brands understand & unlock their SEO. Our bleeding-edge Organic Search techniques will build you a digital experience that users & crawlers will love.

High Intent Traffic Generation

Strategic Campaign Structure

Granular Audience Segmentation

Constant Creative Split Testing

Performance-Driven Optimizations

Actionable Attribution Models

Google organic search has an enormous user base of prospects searching for plant delivery and related terms, so optimizing your site to show up higher on these search results will improve brand equity and drive more prospective customers to your site.

Our SEO methodology starts from a simple but powerful premise – SEO is built on delivering proven value to users over a long period of time. And it is a strategy that must encompass the website as a whole – from website copy, to site architecture, to your linking structure.

At Pantelope, we use a range of SEO services to position your brand as a trusted authority and build you a digital footprint that users and search engine crawlers will love.

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